Cds and DVDs


Live in London

Juan Martín and his Flamenco Dance Ensemble, recorded live in London.

Live in Istanbul

Juan Martín and his Flamenco Dance Ensemble, recorded live in Istanbul.

Musica Alhambra Live in Concert

Juan Martín and his Flamenco Dance Ensemble, recorded live in Istanbul.


Guitar Maestro – The Juan Martín Collection

This 68 track compilation album of 4 discs spans Juan Martín’s recording career from 1974 to 2015.

The Early Years, Los Primeros Años

Including Juan Martín’s legendary first album, The Exciting Sound of Flamenco plus four tracks recorded with Rafael Romero ‘El Gallina’.


All the recordings have been digitally re-mastered to improve on the original recording made at London’s Abbey Road Studios.

Luna Negra

An excitingly varied programme of concert flamenco, including the highly original title track Luna Negra (mineras).

El Alquimista

The ‘alchemy’ of Juan’s playing is exemplified in this recording which includes: Rumba, Alegrías, Bulerías, Rondeña, Zambra, Garrotín, Soleà por medio and Canción.

The Andalucian Suites

15 pieces forming 4 suites. Rumba, Tarantas, Tangos, Bulerias, Rondeøa, Milonga, Soleà,Sevillanas, Siguiriyas, Zambra Mora. Transcriptions of the whole of Suite 1 available.

Painter in Sound

Recorded with featured artist Mark Isham on keyboards, trumpet and soprano saxophone, this original work can be found on all good download and streaming sites.

Juan Martín and Rafael Romero: El Gallina

In 1976 Juan Martin recorded four tracks with the famous singer Rafael Romero ‘El Gallina’.
Plus four tracks recorded in Spain for ‘El Alquimista’.

Picasso Portraits

The highly acclaimed album of Juan Martín’s stunning creations for flamenco guitar. Inspired by the great works of Pablo Picasso. Now digitally remastered.

Rumbas Originales

16 original rumbas composed by Juan Martín. This collection is selected from various albums spanning most of the artist’s recording career.


A collaboration between Juan Martín and Antonio Aparecida reflecting their many years working together, touring, performing and, above all, developing a respect and understanding of each other’s art.

Arte Flamenco Puro

Virtually a direct to disc recording where any minor technical flaws has been overlooked in order to preserve the excitement and passion of that moment of inspiration. Perhaps not since Carmen Amaya have footwork, fingersnaps and handclaps been so vividly captured on disc.

La Guitarra - Mi Vida

A 14 track album of guitar duos recorded with Chaparro de Málaga and over 63 minutes long. Be transported on a melodic journey through Classic Spain of Málaga, Granada, Córdoba and Jerez. Includes the famous Malagueña of Lecuona arranged by Juan Martín for two guitars.


Con rumbo al carnaval – guajiras
Farruca Martín – farruca
Llora la seguiriya – seguiriya
Taconeos – zapateado
Ecos sin luz – taranta
Alegría de Pablo – alegria
El metrónomo de Miró – bulerias
Soleá eterna – soleá
El sueño de Lorca – granaina

Live En Directo

For the release of his latest album ‘Live, En Directo’, a double CD recorded live in a single take, in a single concert during that tour, Juan Martín captures the electrifying essence of ‘going for broke flamenco’ – something impossible to achieve in a studio.

Camino Latino

A fusion of sounds from Andalucía and Latin America.

Rhythms include Guajiras, Rumba, Bossa Nova, Balero and Canción.

Musica Alhambra

Featuring oud player Abdul Salam Kheir with woodwind, percussion and vocals. A mix of flamenco rhythms, Andalusi music and Sephardic songs.

The Exciting Sound of Flamenco

For fans who have the Exciting Sound of Flamenco tab/music and would like the original album, Flamencovision can provide a burned cd.