Solos Flamencos Volume 2


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Volume 2 provides 21 solos progressively graded in the three higher grades 6 to 8, to suit players at intermediate and more advanced stages, who already have some experience of the instrument and the techniques of flamenco. In addition it contains 4 extra recorded tracks and 2 more complete concert solos presented only in notation and tablature.

Besides further examples of 9 of the 18 forms played in Volume 1, it contains examples of 7 further forms to make a total of 25 for the series. The music for all these is accurately written in notation and flamenco tab in this book and is also recorded on the accompanying CD. The dvd contains over 60 minutes of music plus introductions by Juan Martín and brief scenes of Andalucia today. Juan Martín superbly demonstrates how the art of flamenco soloing develops from simple beginnings to the level of concert solos which draw on classic falsetas and his own original compositions from his albums.


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